Stress Free Dinner Party!

Winter_PromoI remember as a little girl running circles around my mom and sisters during the last few hours just before all the guests were due to arrive. Every dinner party we hosted came with the excitement and rush of getting everything ready with just enough time to get “camera” ready. The trick, of course, is to make it look like it’s no big deal, you throw amazing dinner parties all the time. You definitely didn’t want your guests to know that you just spent the past few hours running around like crazy people not to mention the days of stress leading up to that very night. But the worst part was when everyone is saying their goodbyes and all you can think about is the mess waiting for you in the kitchen and the dining room.

As I grew older, I started to dread those very same dinner parties that I used to love as a child. The amount of work that went into prepping and the dreaded clean up after made me moan and groan as a teenager. A few years ago, when it was my turn to start hosting my own dinner parties for friends and family…well, I get exhausted just thinking about it. Working full time and caring for a very active toddler, I stressed over coming up with a fabulous menu, the grocery shopping, the cooking, the plating, serving and finally…the clean up! And by the time all was said and done, I am exhausted and glad it’s over, swearing it would be the last time. Even though I enjoy the company, I would come up with very creative excuses to get out of it.

Then I had an epiphany! Why should I be the only who doesn’t get to enjoy my own party? If there was a way to cut out all the work and still take credit for creating a welcoming ambiance for my guests as well as a delicious meal that can even impress mom, I’m more than happy to pay for it! And here’s the best part…when I did a little research, turns out it costs less to cater in than making dinner myself! Not to mention, no stress before, after or during! Dinner parties don’t scare me anymore…bring on the fun!